Food Truck Frenzy fires up Elon students

Multimedia Reporting by Ginna Royalty

Dana Carnes, director of the CFL, and Olivia Hobbs, junior enjoy the different food trucks. Photo by Ginna Royalty

Hundreds of students, faculty and staff could be found in the Koury parking lot on Wednesday for the Student Union Board’s annual Food Truck Frenzy event. SUB paired with Elon Dining and brought 12 food trucks to campus for the event this year.

“Food Truck Frenzy is a great event for Elon because it allows our community to try different foods in the area that maybe they can’t travel to,” Dana Carnes, Interim Director of the Center for Leadership said. “It’s also nice community fellowship to see everyone and check in on this gorgeous day as the semester is wrapping up.”

The event lasted from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and there was a special musical performance from The Tripps, a band made up of Elon students. Students could pay with cash, credit, Phoenix cash, food dollars and even meal dollars, making this event more accessible to all members of the Elon community.

Students stand in line for the Chirba Chirba dumpling truck, a favorite among students. Photo by Ginna Royalty

“Food Truck Frenzy gives students a nice variety of choices that they wouldn’t usually get in a dining hall and it also allows upperclassman who might not have a meal plan to also experience that as well as supporting local food trucks and businesses,” Helen Thompson, Elon junior said.

SUB is always looking for ways to expand and improve this event, with possibilities of moving to a bigger parking lot or making it a multiple-day event, according to an ELN Morning broadcast show.